Ethnic crossbody bag 30x20cm


Ethnic bag with long handle for crossbody made with an artisan loom woven at more than 4000 meters of altitude in the Andes. The back of the ethnic bag is made of a velvety strawberry fabric, as is the hanging handle. Inside, the bag is lined in an aquamarine cotton fabric and we have placed some cheerful wool pompoms on the zipper that can be put on and taken off. Add an ethnic touch to your look!

The bag measures 30x20cm and the handle is 120cm long.

The ethnic bags are made from the remnants of ethnic rugs that we have left after making ethnic cushions.

Each bag is a unique piece, being such a manual work is not homogeneous. Even the bags we take from the same loom have small differences from one to another.

The looms are made of 100% sheep wool. As they are dyed with natural pigments, their color may vary and they are sensitive to direct light.

We recommend dry cleaning.

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